Losin' Sleep

The year is 1647 Reid Fircelen is a rich princess who is the complete opposite of stuck up and out going. Her family has always been kind,but there knights who are to protect the town all though all they do is destroy it. Although Reid is the scariest when she's mad,as is Klaus Rounden. A commoner but a commoner that kicks ass! Klaus and Reid run into each other and hit it off,So to speck. Is this the start of an awkward Romance?


1. Lossing Her


           The night She was lost was one I wished to forget. I remember as though it was yesterday never the less. No screaming,No yelling. It was worse,It was complete Silence. I was sad because the maid had put me to bed without a lullaby and i had sneak out of my room to ask my mama to do it,because honestly i loved when she did the voices. I started walking down on of the long halls before pecking around the corner to make sure the maid didn't see me. If one did i would be sent to bed immediately. I was treated like a child,because frankly,I was.


        I ran my fingers along the light brown wall paper that coated every room,but mine of course,it was coated with a beautiful purple. I pecked around the next corner. Making my way slowly down the stairs. My mom was always up late reading in the living room by the window,Well my dad was always asleep by 8 pm! The candles flickered as i made my way to the big wood door,using all my might,Which i must say was a lot for my age,to push on them. At first it didn't budge,but then it moved slightly making a "CRRRAAACK" noise. I take a step back,then i throw all my body weight into opening the door. 


    The door slowly opens as im picturing my mother and what she would say,She would probably smile and say "What're you doing up,rei?" or "Rei-rei,Its late come to bed.". I opened the door continued opening it got easy er and easy as i shoved it open to the fullest. But i wasn't welcomed to the room with my mama's bright smile. But to her hideously bloody corpse. Bleeding out in front of me my eyes quickly rushed up to the man standing over her. His sword bloody,His jacket covered in the enemy's pictures,Of a shield of the color red.


   Late that night the silence was broken by a ear piercing Scream.






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