MAY The Truth Be Told

I'm May, a not-so-average 14 year old girl...
Sometimes i wonder what life woild be like outside of my house, or yard.
I'm never to leave, but to ,instead, stay home with my father. Only to care for his colleagues when they come over. I am homeschooled so i only have met one other child, Amy. She's my age and she visits once a week. I wish she could about her world, but my father has his restrictions. If he found out she told me anything, punishment would be severe.
But who says SHE is the one that will tell me or show me the outside world?


5. Suspicious

I awoke to a bright morning and stretched. I was so happy. I changed into a dress that fits tight at the top until it reaches my waist, where it poofs out and even further if i spin. I put on foundation and some blush. It is a light pink to match my dress. I put my white, shiney, two inch heels after i put on white pantyhose. I sit on my bed and pull out my make up case that holds all of my nail polish. I put pink on, matching my dress of course. Then poka dot it with white.

I run down the stairs to the bathroom. I open a cabinet and within i saw my silver brush. I brush out my long dirty blonde hair. I pull back the front section into a pony tail but the rest hangs down as usual. It is all curly and i look in the mirror and am pleased. Today is going to be perfect. It's a day that my father's colleges will be introduced to me and we will have a grill out in the yard because my father had got a promotion yesterday. I would get to be outside! I was filled with joy!

My father noticed me crossing silently through the living room. "Hello, dear. Why are you so dolled up?"

"Oh, i only wanted to make a good impression towards you ever-important friends, or perhaps, not all friends..." i trailed off affraid to make a comment that i should soon regret.

"Yes... yes, indeed. Well where are you off to?"

"I planned on opening the curtains after starting the food" i chirpped hesitently, though he seemed to be in a daze, not noticing that i was loath to say what i had.

"Hmmm. Perhaps you should wait until they arrive?"

"I assumed it would be more inviting but not too enticing. Do you mind if i also clean and spruce  the place up? I just want to be sure the guests feel comfortable and at home."

"No, i suppose i don't mind. And i say we do open the drapes. Maybe you are right. I just worry dear! What if they don't see me as adequate? I sure hope-" he frantically said.

"Dear father! It's quite all right!" I said hugging him, trying to offer him comfort.

He took a deep breath and i went into the kitchen. I put on the tea and started boiling a pot of water in order to make potatoes as part of the feast we were to have out side. I also sat out a large chicken from the freezer, to thaw for a while. I threw open the drapes and looked upon the green grass that was glowing from the suns reflective rays. I looked to my father where he was reading the morning news. I quietly opened the deck door and inhaled the fresh air. It was great. I closed the door not to let my father know i opened the door.

A car pulled up and out of the passenger's side came the familiar face: Joshua. Oh my! We couldn't let father know we met. I pretended not to notice him as i cleaned the counter top. My father walked in and he stuttered as he whispered to himself. "What?" I asked.

"Oh, nothing... look, come with me for a moment." He sounded scared. We went into the den and he looked at me with pleading eyes. I had never seen him like this before. He is always in a neutral mood. I could tell this was serious. "I didnt know how to tell you this, but i think that you are old enough. Today you will meet a young boy your age... but don't be deceived by his... how do i put this? His charm. He will try to pull you in and... ummm  influence you to do things. Perhaps drink alcohol or .... other things. But he is not your friend, and never anything more if that. Promise me you will not be trapped by his spell."

I nodded my head as the door was knocked on. I rushed to it and opened it. I greeted the man with a smile and Joshua followed. I blushed at him grabbing my hand. He knelt to one knee and kissed my hand. I pushed my hair behind my ear. My father looked at me, suspiciously. 

Joshua stood up, pretending to meet me for the first time as we exchanged names. "What is that magnificent smell?" Joshua asked delighted. 

"I am cooking for our feast outside later." I informed. The tea rang its usual pitchy sound. "Oh, please excuse me! I am so caught up today with cleaning and such! I forgot i had tea on!" I rushed into the kitchen and poured the tea into four cups. There was still plenty left. I set the drinks on a platter and brought them to the entertainment room where the three had settled in. I placed the platter gently on the table. My father was sitting in a chair, as was Joshua's father. Joshua was cozy on a love seat across from the chairs. I stood still not sure if my father approved me sitting by Joshua.

"Sit, dear. It's fine. Just a boy." He tried to sound firm and not nervous. I blushed as Joshua patted the spot next to him. I stared at his hand while my father spoke with Joshua's father. 

I noticed that my father had been acting suspiciously. As if he had a secret. I sat down. Stayed silent, unsure of what to say. I then looked to my father. "Shall i go set up the tables outside?"

"Yes, good idea."

"Joshua, son, do them a favor and help my friend's daughter by accompanying her and helping her set up."

 My father shook to this comment. I nodded to assure him i remembered what he said earlier. Although I didn't believe him. I led him to a large closet where we stored things not currently in use. I pionted to the tables. They were wedged and i knew i couldn't get then out. He easily pulled them out and smirked at me. I gave a sarcastic smile and grabbed chairs. We set them up and retrieved more. We had finally set up and i took off my shoes. I set them aside. I sat on a table. And Joshua sat in a chair that my feet were resting on. He looked at my dress. He was rubbing a bit of dirt off of it when my father came outside. 

"May! Get away from him!" He yelled.

I flinched and Joshua quickly stood up and said, "I'm so sorry sir! There was a bit of dirt and-"

"Oh don't give me that rubbish!" My father interupted.

"Dad!" I butted in. He stopped realizing what just happened. He doesn't explode like that. Another suspicious act. I felt uncomfortable. I looked at the ground.

"Here comes another guest!" My father cheered up.

I rushed to the bathroom and Joshua followed me. I locked the door but he was already inside. I didnt want my father to see. I quickly kissed Joshua. I was comforted by his grasp. He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tight. "I'm sorry..." i whispered.

"It's not you, it's your dad. There's nothing to be sorry about.......... i love you" i had my eyes tightly shut as he tried to comfort me by saying this.

"I love you too" 

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