MAY The Truth Be Told

I'm May, a not-so-average 14 year old girl...
Sometimes i wonder what life woild be like outside of my house, or yard.
I'm never to leave, but to ,instead, stay home with my father. Only to care for his colleagues when they come over. I am homeschooled so i only have met one other child, Amy. She's my age and she visits once a week. I wish she could about her world, but my father has his restrictions. If he found out she told me anything, punishment would be severe.
But who says SHE is the one that will tell me or show me the outside world?


2. Saved?

I quickly unlocked the door and i swung the door open, hungry for adventure, for change. He had just turned around to face the direction that another man's voice was calling from. I couldn't quite understand what the man elder had said, but intently listened to my fathers voice that cooed for the boy to join them in a game of chess, my fathers favorite. The young boy began to go down the grand stairway, as i stumbled over my own frail foot and collapsed onto the floor. His head quickly turned my way and he began to come towards me. I rushed to get up and hopped into my room as he chased after me. I slammed the door, and waited for a loud BANG, but i never got the chance. I slowly spun around on my heel and standing before me was the one thing my father never allowed me to interact with: a boy (especially my age). Was this a save? I didnt know if this was a good or a bad thing to have happen. 

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