MAY The Truth Be Told

I'm May, a not-so-average 14 year old girl...
Sometimes i wonder what life woild be like outside of my house, or yard.
I'm never to leave, but to ,instead, stay home with my father. Only to care for his colleagues when they come over. I am homeschooled so i only have met one other child, Amy. She's my age and she visits once a week. I wish she could about her world, but my father has his restrictions. If he found out she told me anything, punishment would be severe.
But who says SHE is the one that will tell me or show me the outside world?


4. Midnight

I awoke that night to my window opening. I sat up very quickly and looked over to see him. The boy that i had met earlier thay day. His blonde hair was shinning under the moonlight. I pulled my sheets closer to my face as a drift came through. "Hi" he whispered with a smile. He crawled through and sat at the end of my bed. "Are you ready for a night out..." he trailed off.

"May." I smiled. He nodded his head.

"That is a beautiful name. My name is Joshua." He stood up and opened my door to peek out. My faher must have gone to bed because i saw no light peering through. I got up and rushed to my closet to pick out an appropriate outfit, rather than the silk, white nightgown i was wearing. I picked out a dress but he came over and put it back. He searched and finally handed me a pair of old blue jeans, though they looked new as can be. Then he gave me a white tank top and a thin black dress shirt. This would be something that my father would never allow me to wear. 

"Wait outside then so i can get dressed." I whispered.

He climbed down and i got dressed and brushed my hair quickly to make it look to a fair beauty standard. It was curly and dirty blonde that reached half way down my back. Unlike Joshua's light blonde hair that was very short, obviously suitable for a young man his age. I smiled in the mirror and crept out the back door. 

I ran up to Joshua and he grabbed me in a hug. I wasn't sure how to react. My father never hugged me. I decided to stand still and he released me. I stepped back and looked upon the ground, kicking a stone aside. "Lovely shoes." He mentioned. They were white strappy heels, though were very small heels. 

"Thank you" i replied.


We reached the town and it was so bright and beautiful! I admired every bit of it. He was looking at me smiling, knowing i was having a great time. He grabbed my hand and puled me over to a small building. It smelled of great foods. We grabbed a bite and rushed to a large building with a sign above the doors saying "THEATER". It was lit with a blue shade. He pulled me into the dark room after exchanging tickets with money. We sat in seats and they were right mext to each other. 

He was still holding my hand. His skin was soft. I leaned closer to him and eventually got a little tired. I rested my head on his shoulder and he let go ofy hand, and instead, put his arm around me. I couldn't help but blush. I had never felt like this. So free. So happy. I wanted to stay there forever.

The movie finished and we left. "What next?" He asked. 

I looked around. I saw a place not far off. It looked to have what Amy called a Ferris wheel. I pionted to it and an expression of pure joy came across his face. He pulled me closer, wrapping his arms around me as we walked. I felt comfortable with him. We reached the amusement park by midnight. My first ride was the Ferris wheel. I was scared and shaking as we rose into the air. He hugged me whispering, "it's okay. Your fine. It's just a ride." I could see the whole city up top and i was fascinated with the view. I was in awe. Everything seemed perfect that night. But i had to return home after a few more rides. Otherwise my father would know I left. And not only my life would be ruined, but Joshua's too.

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