MAY The Truth Be Told

I'm May, a not-so-average 14 year old girl...
Sometimes i wonder what life woild be like outside of my house, or yard.
I'm never to leave, but to ,instead, stay home with my father. Only to care for his colleagues when they come over. I am homeschooled so i only have met one other child, Amy. She's my age and she visits once a week. I wish she could about her world, but my father has his restrictions. If he found out she told me anything, punishment would be severe.
But who says SHE is the one that will tell me or show me the outside world?


6. Keep Our Secret... For Now

 I stand with my forehead against his shoulder for a minute. I open the door and rush into the kitchen. Joshua tries to follow me but i turn to him and shove him away. "But-" i cut him off.

"No! Don't you understand? If my father finds out about what we did, he will close the drapes! He may even close them because of what he just saw!" Tears stream down my face as i try to make him leave. He only walks towards me. And i walk backwards until i bump into the counter. He wraps his arms around me and i have my arms crossed upon my chest. I lean my head down and he rests his chin on the top of my head. I shove him away. He walkes away and i look at him as his head turns back. I see the hurt in his eyes. But i have no choice. I couldn't bear to have the drapes closed again. But then again, i couldn't bear to live without Joshua's love.

 Another guest comes into our abode and i turn to the food. I finish up what was cooking and i grab a stack of plates. I wipe away the tears and put a smile on my face. I hold the plates as of i was a waitress. I walked out to the table and placed them in a corner. I retrieved the food and lined them up. I walked into the den. "The food is ready, but still a bit to hot to eat." I anounce.

"That's quite all right dear. I am still waiting for a few guests to arrive."

I nod my head and go upstairs. I was on my bed staring outside, hoping this isn't the last chance to see the outside world. I am frustrated. I tell my father i will not be down for the rest of the night because i was feeling ill. 

Everyone left, almost, about 4 hours later. I was dressed in shorts and an old white top. I yawned and stretched. I was starved and thirsty. I ran downstairs. I walked into the kitchen and there stood the one person it hurt me to see. Joshua. He and his father were sitting at our breakfast bar. My father quickly ran to me and placed his hands on my shoulders and guided me to the stairs. "Please cover yourself! We have guests!"

"Sorry, i didn't know they were still here" i mumble. I grab a robe from the closet and put it around me. I didn't understand. Other girls my age dressed like that.

I walked into the kitchen and poured a glass of tea and made a plate of salad. I sat at the only empty spot. Next to Joshua. I ate and ignored the looks he gave me. I could see him staring at me out of the corner of my eye.

I begin to listen to my father's conversation. "Well it just won't start" Mr. Grandin (Joshua's father) said.

"Well i suppose it is in your best intrest to stay for the night then?" My father said hesitently. 

"Yes, i suppose so. But may i call Marriam?" Mr.Grandin asked politely.

"Well of course. I'll be right back" my father said. I pushed my plate aside as they stood up.

They walked out. "So, im staying the night. He smiles at me. I give a smile. I am glad. I like to talk with him. But my father doesn't like when i do. Joshua kisses my cheek. I blush. I put my plate in the sink and take his hand. He stands up and i lead him into the den, which is on the opposite side ofd my house from the phone that is in my father's study. I open the drapes and see rain pouring. I look at him and kiss him. He holds me tight and i rest my head on his chest.i gaze outside and he gazes at me. I hear footsteps. But i don't shove him away. I take him by the hand again and lead him to the bookshelf. I point at a random book and read its title but Mr. Grandin interrupts me. "What's going on?"

I turn to look at him confused. "I'm only showing him a book i like." I notice my father isn't with him. He must be in the bathroom. 

"I know that's not the truth. I heard you two earlier. What did you do?!---Did you..." he trails off.

"No!" Joshua replies urgently. I am confused. I didn't understand.

"Well then what?"

"Don't! My father can't know! He'll........."i blurt out not being cautious of my words.

"What?" Mr. Grandin looks worried. 

"Nothing" i shake my head. "Nothing bad. Just don't tell him. I don't want him to know. I am affraid of what he may say." I grab Joshua's arm.

"I snuck her out from her window. I had seen her last day we came. And we have already... kissed."

"Well your father would be happy darling!" He chirped. I only looked at the ground and shook my head. He frowned and Joshua hugged me.

"Well i suppose i could keep your little secret, but if anyone asks, i have nothing to do with this.

I smile. Joshua kisses me and his father smiles. "Ahh.. young love, such a beautiful thing." My father approaches us and i quickly step away. 

He didn't notice i guess because he proceeds to inform us with tonight's plans. "Now. I have a guest room for you Mr. Grandin. Umm..."

"Perhaps the children should share a room." Mr. Grandin mentions. My father turns white at he statement. He swallows.

"Yes, i guess. Do you mind if he shares a bed with you May?"

"No, whatever is comforting to the guests." 

"Then that's it! There's or sleeping arrangement."

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