MAY The Truth Be Told

I'm May, a not-so-average 14 year old girl...
Sometimes i wonder what life woild be like outside of my house, or yard.
I'm never to leave, but to ,instead, stay home with my father. Only to care for his colleagues when they come over. I am homeschooled so i only have met one other child, Amy. She's my age and she visits once a week. I wish she could about her world, but my father has his restrictions. If he found out she told me anything, punishment would be severe.
But who says SHE is the one that will tell me or show me the outside world?


3. It's Okay

I clambered back against the window as he whispered "It's okay. Who are you?" His voice was soothing and instantly made me want to except him without another thought. It sounded perfect.

"I'm Abraham's daughter." I managed.

He held out  his hand in comfort but i stayed, afraid of what will happen if i grabbed his hand. "Please... tell me, are you his biological daughter?" He asked in awe. I nodded my head. "He has never spoke of such thing! How have i never seen you before?"

"I'm never to leave, and not once have i." His eyes widened.

"How?! Don't you wander about the splendid world awaitong your adventures or the beauty that  lies out there, waiting for your eyes to be layed upon its magnificence?!" I smiled and quickly nodded my head. "Well then! It's declared! We shall go for a stroll" he chirped. 

I instantly frowned and sat on the window sill. "No. I can't. I'm not allowed."

Well surely, i can tell yoir father that i will accompany you."

"NO!" I exclaimed standing up. "If he finds out you have seen me, he will close the drapes! Permanently!"

I looked at my hands, they were rested upon his broad strong shoulders. Another punishment would be given for a touch of any kind. I quickly dropped my hands and looked at the ground. He put a finger under my chin and rose my face so i should have to look him in the eye. He slyly smiled and got closer to my face. "Well then we shall have to sneak our way out, now won't we?" He whispered. A chill ran down my spine and i backed away, looking outside. I smiled at him and he returned downstairs.

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