Stuck. (A Pewdiepie fanfic)

Iris Young finds herself stuck in the game Amnesia, with a boy with beautiful eyes. Will they stick together and make it out of the horrible game? Or will things take a turn for the worse?


5. Iris' P.O.V.

    He takes a good minute to explain everything, making sure I understand.

   "But, I still don't understand what brought me here in the first place!" I exclaim, flopping onto the bed. A loud scrape comes from the floor above, causing me to jump. 

   "Come on, we wasted too much time. We need to go. Now!" Felix demands, grabbing my wrist and running toward the door.

   "Where are we going?" I ask, stumbling to keep up. He just shakes his head, saying,"Anywhere but here, or upstairs!"

   We dash down a flight of steps. That's strange, I don't remember going up stairs. Wait. I had passed out. That means Felix carried me up. He must be pretty strong. Too late do I realize that Felix stopped, so I almost run right into him.

   "Why'd we stop?" I ask. He mutters something about a lamp and a word that started with L. We find another door and he goes in first to check the area.


                                                              FIVE MINUTES LATER


   Suddenly, I hear a footstep behind me.

   "Very funny, Felix. You can't scare me." I say without turning around. The footsteps don't cease; they keep going, slow and heavy.

   "C'mon Felix. Joke's over. It's kinda freaky." The footsteps stop, and I turn around to tell him tha-

   I turn to find the most hideous face I've ever seen. I gasp and reach behind my back for the doorknob. What do I do? Where's Felix?!?

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