Stuck. (A Pewdiepie fanfic)

Iris Young finds herself stuck in the game Amnesia, with a boy with beautiful eyes. Will they stick together and make it out of the horrible game? Or will things take a turn for the worse?


3. Iris' P.O.V.

   Hey guys! Sorry for not updating lately, things have been WAYY too hectic. Sorry again!xx


    "Iris? Wake up!" I'm jolted awake by Felix, who's shaking me rather violently. I then see the look on his face, so I jump up.

    "What? What happened?" I question, grabbing his arm. I'm still a little unsteady, but I quickly get over it.

    "He's coming! We have to hide!" he shouts. Before I can get a word out, he ushers me into a wardrobe, & jumps in beside me. Loud, heavy thumps make their way into the room. My eyes go wide and I peek out of a crack in the wall. Felix pulls me back, putting a finger to his lips. I subconsciously begin to shake, so Felix takes my hand. I can't help but blush. His touch is warm and kind. I start to realize that I feel safe like this, as if it were normal. Every time we come in contact, the world seems to slow down. 

    A growl echoes through the room, jolting me out of my thoughts. The bed jostles and a chill goes down my back. Felix squeezes my hand, giving me a reassuring smile. After a few more moments, he cracks the wardrobe door open. 

   "It's okay; he's gone now." he says as he leads me out of the wardrobe. "I know you're probably confused, but we need to leave before it comes back. I, being the stubborn human being I am, stand rooted to my spot.

    "First, answer my questions. One, I don't know where I am, or how I got here. Two, what was that thing, and why is it after us?" I demand, crossing my arms and leaning against the wall.

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