Flashing Before My Eyes

People say when you are about to die your life flashes before your eyes. Who was holding the gun to her head? Who will she fall for?


7. Zayns

"Uh huh. But your ok with disappearing for a night

I ignore his comment and continue walking to my house. He just drives along side me with his car.

Once I get there the flies wide open to reveal my dad drunk and on drugs.

"MADI!?" He screams. "Where were you?"

"I'm sorry I yell and start walk backwards. He grabs my hand an slaps my face. I almost forget about Zayn.

"Hey?" Zayn yells and pulls me away from my dad. "Don't touch her. Who is this madi?"

"My dad..." I trail off. Zayn's expression becomes pissed. "Why don't we go." He says, without hesitation I hop into Zayn's car afraid of what my dad will do if I don't."

"God Madi." Zayn says as he speeds down the road. "I told you not to follow me!" Zayn frowns and looks over at me. "Well I'm glad I did." I look over at the side mirror to look at the slap mark.

"Well what am I gonna do now? I have no place to stay, I have no clothes..." Zayn cuts me off "You can stay with me. You can borrow Harry's sisters clothes today, we can get you some tommorow."

"What, Zayn no... I can't stay with you! I think I think I have extra clothes in my cabin, I will stay there."

Zayn rolls his eyes, "we can stop by the cabin but your not staying there."

"Why?" I ask annoyed  "Does your dad know about it?" After this I shut up.


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