Flashing Before My Eyes

People say when you are about to die your life flashes before your eyes. Who was holding the gun to her head? Who will she fall for?


3. What do I do?

Uhm. H-hi. I stutter.

Zayn takes a breath in like he is about to say something but the teacher hushes everyone.

"Hello class." She says writing her name on the board.

"The person next to you is your partner so I hope you chose your seats well." She says.

Just great. I think.

**skip class**

The bell rings and I rush out of class. Zayn quickly follows behind me. Once I get outside I start to run, but Zayn gets in his car.

So I decide to take the long way in the woods. That's when I see Adam and Aaron coming my way.

Now I wish I would've gone the other way...

"Madi!" Aaron says smirking.

I see the end of the woods so I decide to take my chance running.

I almost make it to the end and I see Zayns car driving home. I scream his name and he sees me.

I almost reach him but Adam grabs the color of my shirt and lifts me off the ground.

He starts whispering to me and he was about to punch me, but Zayn comes up behind me and grabs my stomach pulling me away.

Unfortunately he grabs my bruise and I yelp in pain. He walks me to his car.

"Wait here." He says.

He walks up to Adam and punches him in the face. Adam tries to pinch back but Zayn grabs his hand and pulls it behind his back. He pins Adam up to a tree and whispers something in his ear.

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