Flashing Before My Eyes

People say when you are about to die your life flashes before your eyes. Who was holding the gun to her head? Who will she fall for?


4. the secret cabin

Zayn forgot about Aaron. He came up to the car and opened the door. He pulled me out.

"Zayn!" I screamed as Aaron put a knife to my throat.

He only smirked. That's when the knife was removed from my neck and Aaron was yanked back. I turned around. It was Harry.

Zayn put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me back into the car. Let's get you home. He said.

I didn't want to go home, but I didn't want Zayn to know about my dad either. If my dad saw me

1) with a boy

2) coming home late

He would beat me black and blue.

"Zayn don't take me home." I said.

He looked back at me. "Why?"

"Just drop me off here."

"No, why?"

I didn't wait to tell him. So I just got out of the car and started running.

I ran to the lake. And the bathroom, then I locked the door.

I changing into my bathing suit. Unheard Zayn knocking on the front door, so I slipped out the back and sneakily jumped into the lake.

I went underwater for most of the way. I got to the waterfall and slipped through. The cabin sat there untouched from before so opened the door and went up to my old room.

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