Flashing Before My Eyes

People say when you are about to die your life flashes before your eyes. Who was holding the gun to her head? Who will she fall for?


2. Meeting Him

Two Years Ago

I slip on my brown combat boots and leggings than I put on a burgundy sweater to hide my bruises.

Then use make up to cover up the visible ones. After I did my make up I brushed my curly blonde hair and did my make up.

My brown eyes looked really dark today.

"Bye dad." I yell while walking out the door.

As usual everyone ignored me. I grabbed my books from my locker and when I shut it I saw that brown haired boy stating at me.

His name is Zayn. He is one of those popular guys.

I brush it off walk to class, still feeling his eyes follow me.

It was the first day of school so we got to sit where ever. I sat in the back corner, so that I don't have to site next to anyone.

That's when Zayn came in and sat right next me along with his friend Harry.

"Hello Love." Zayn smiled.

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