Winter's Song

At only 23 years of age, Leland had more than most his age. His own house, car, motorcycle, dream job and his best friend Jett (Black Labrador). There was still a piece to the puzzle that was missing, he just couldn't put his finger on it.. until he met her Harlo. However, there was something different about Harlo, a mystery that deepened so much even Leland couldn't comprehend.


5. Style

I slept in that morning until 11:30.   I woke up in a panic.

     "Shit!  Gia's Birthday!"

     I threw on my khaki's, and red polo shirt, slapped on some deodorant, brushed my teeth, fed Jett and grabbed my stuff.  I was heading out the door when I looked down and saw 4 missed calls.  One from my sister Julie, likely reminding me of Gia's half birthday party and 3 unknown callers.  I bolted to the rover and started it up.  I hit play on my voicemail inbox.

     "Leland, the party is at 1.  Try not to be late, mom and dad are bringing the pizza.  Gia can't wait to see you!"

      Julie lived back in our home town of Ashfield.  She was my only sibling, and 3 years older that I.  She graduated Ashfield University with a Masters in Education but she stayed at home with Gia and tought through one of those online schools.  She married Ben. She met Ben in college, while he was studying Computer Science.  He is now a professor at Ashfield University.  Gia is their only child.   Ben and Julie almost lost Gia at birth when she was born with a heart defect.  The little miracle had 4 open heart surgeries in her first two years of life and was now three an a half and doing wonderfully.

       "Hello?"  the voice on the other end answered.

        "This is Leland Banes, calling to speak to your royal highness, Gia Tripp."

        "Gia, come here, sweetie!  Uncle Lee Lee is on the phone."  Julie giggled.

        "LeeLee!"  Gia exclaimed.  "You bring me presents right now!  I want a kitty!"

         "Hey princess!  I'll be there soon.  I just wanted you to know I was coming." I replied.

        The phone muffled for a second and Julie returned.

       "As much as you love to spoil the princess, if you show up with a real kitty, I will have to let you be the one to break it to her that we aren't keeping it."  she scolded.

       "Haha, I'll be there in about 45 minutes, have the coffee on!"

        "Sure thing, bub.  Be safe!"

     There was only one voicemail from the unknown caller.  I hit play.  "Um hi, Leland.  This is Harlo.  I don't know if you remember me or not, but I met you at Chester Creek last evening.  You um.. dropped your business card in the parking lot so I thought i'd give you a call and make sure you weren't still shaken up from almost hitting me.  I will.. um.. call you later this afternoon."

       My heart sank.  Why didn't she leave a return number?  Why wasn't I awake to get her original call?  Shit!


Once I arrived at Ashfield, I stopped at the local everything store.  I ran inside to pick my Gia up a birthday gift.  Since I wasn't allowed to get her a real kitty, I was looking for something just as accepting to a three and a half year old.

The one thing I have noticed about people in these everything stores is that you certainly get your wide variety of diversity.

The mother with 4 kids in the card, grabbing things off the shelf, crying and begging for candy or soda, or whatever else they see that they love.  The mother looks tired, hair a mess and in clothes that she likely hasn't changed out of in days.

The teenagers that dress like they are 20 years older than what they are.  They are likely there to steal from the store than to buy anything as chances of them ever working a day in their life are slim.

The extremely overweight and under dressed.  The cross dressers.  The old women in the motorized carts and the church goers.  I'm not judging any of them, I just likely wouldn't hire any of them.

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