Winter's Song

At only 23 years of age, Leland had more than most his age. His own house, car, motorcycle, dream job and his best friend Jett (Black Labrador). There was still a piece to the puzzle that was missing, he just couldn't put his finger on it.. until he met her Harlo. However, there was something different about Harlo, a mystery that deepened so much even Leland couldn't comprehend.


1. It's a guy thing.

      I believe everyone should strive to possess at least three main qualities in life:  Intelligence, Style and a Special Talent.  By intelligence, I don't expect everyone to be rocket scientists, but carrying a little book smarts along with common sense is not too much to ask for.  If you are going to type on a social media page, I think one requirement should be that you pass a basic English and or typing test.  Style can come in many forms.  I mostly just think good hygiene and a desire to want to wear something other than your pajamas to the grocery store are a pretty good indicator in a person's character.  Whether it's the ability to play an instrument, write a novel, paint a picture, run a marathon, or pass level 129 on candy crush, it's good to have a special talent as it means you have goals.

     As I sat through my 15th interview for the day, I had yet to meet one person with any of these qualities.  I was looking to hire a personal assistant at the office as soon as possible and as I closed up my briefcase and turned off the laptop, I couldn't help but wonder if I was ever going to find that person.

    "Mr. Banes" a voice over the intercom announced, "You have a call on line 2."  Damnit Brenda, it's almost 4:32, I stop talking calls at 4:30, I thought.

     "Mr. Banes, it's a Mr. Mehoff, Jack Mehoff.. he says it's urgent." Brenda continued.

I tried to hide my slight chuckle as I replied.  "Err thanks Brenda, have a good weekend and tell Dan I said hello."

     I sat staring at my phone, line 2 as the red light blinked.  I knew who was waiting on the other line, but I was avoiding talking to him.  Cane Franks was not only my roommate in college, and my best friend, but he was also the co-owner of our company Bane & Cane Designs.  The asshole just got back from Vegas where he eloped with his girlfriend since high school, Madge.  I knew what he wanted, the same thing he always wants, but tonight I wasn't up for it.

     "I'm sorry, Mr. Banes is not available, he fell ill with the flu."  I answered.

     "Douchebag, are you going to hire Kyle?" he replied, with way too much excitement.

      I rolled my eyes, but it's not like he could see my gesture.

     "Kyle?  You mean the guy who showed up 20 minutes early, had tobacco breath and seemed far more interested in the photo of Jett than in the interview?"

     "Come On, Bane!  Kyle is perfect!  He has his bachelors in business, was assistant manager at Best Buy for 3 years and is a yes man."

     "He's also Madge's brother, dickhead and i'm pretty sure he has a slight crush on me."

      "Whatever, ass.  Look, Madge has pretty bad jet lag, she's been puking since we walked in the door so I gotta run.  Call me later so we can go over next week's business plan and discuss Kyle."

      "You can puke from jet lag?"  I sighed.  I was actually pretty thankful that he didn't ask to meet up at O'Hannigan's for drinks and although it was odd of him not to, I wasn't questioning it.

     I hung up the phone and grabbed my briefcase and jacket.  Locked up the office and headed out the door.  Thank God it's Friday.




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