This story is about a group of people, Pearl, Amethyst, Peridot, Zircon, and Ruby, Who have simularities not only in their names, but something within.


2. Zircon

     The day I was born was foggy for everyone. No one besides me is still on Earth to explain it. But how should I know? I was just a baby. Now I'm just a normal sixteen yer old boy. Right? Wrong. Yeah I was just a baby and no. I have a photographic memory. I remember every thing that has happened everyday of my life. Now you think that having a photographic memory makes you smart? Well you are horribly wrong. Since I have such a good memory I only remember well memories. I am barley getting through 10th grade. I struggle to learn. It just doesn't work for me. Well back to the day I was born, I was born on a snowy Thursday in Great Britain.. I was born at 1:24 on Thursday 18. A week before Christmas. My mother died before giving me a name. Her death was caused by my birthmark on my lower shoulder ripping her in the stomach. It looks like a Zircon, hence my name. I was a pre mature baby. I was due in February so mostly my brain was the only thing fully developed. So I'm basically really short but at least almost all my appendages work. I had to be born before my mother died so it was either I was pre mature or I was dead. The doctors decided to let me decide when I was older. I lived with my dad until he was unable to live with a child. Today the government took me away. I woke up to a room full of people screaming. I was screaming too. In some way it seems like everyone here is special.

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