Zombie Forest

Eden had the perfect life. Perfect family, rich fame and fortune when it was all destroyed and only 100 people were left.
The government destroyed the peaceful town of JoyceVille using the forbidden Zombie Forest.
What happens to Eden and the other 99 people?


1. The Perfect Life

Eden P Smith looked down on the tiny houses of JoyceVille. "Why can't you comprehend that being rich is awesome?' Eden's little brother, Ark L Smith asked. "I don't feel like having everything, Ark." Eden replied, sitting down on the big grassy hill that the Smiths' house was atop of. "So you want to be like Minga." "Yeah. Basically." "Eden! Ark! TIme for dinner!" The two brothers' mom shouted at them from the back door. "Cya at dinner." Ark ran inside, his border collie, Ace, following. Eden sighed as he got up. Being rich wasn't easy. The movies and the stories don't tell the truth. Eden's parents made him and Ark go to public school. Everyone loved Ark, but seemed to hate Eden. That's why Eden only had two friends. Minga W Martin and Larson M Ender. Aside from that, Eden got up and walked slowly towards the door, not expecting what awaited him. - Sorry for the short beginning chapter, it basically explains the main good characters of the story. Next chapter will be way more exciting, stay tuned!"
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