Zombie Forest

Eden had the perfect life. Perfect family, rich fame and fortune when it was all destroyed and only 100 people were left.
The government destroyed the peaceful town of JoyceVille using the forbidden Zombie Forest.
What happens to Eden and the other 99 people?


2. The Doorbell

Eden also had a friend. A friend named Solaris. Solaris T Ender.
"No relation between Solaris and Larson." Eden thought.
As Eden sat himself down for dinner, he looked across the table. 
Mumbling to himself, he said all of the names that were at the dinner table.
"Momma, Papa, Larson, Ace, Ark, Minga.." Wait. Minga!? 
"Hey uh.. Minga." Eden smiled at her from across the large table.
"OH! Hi Eden! My parents both have the flu so they sent me down here to stay with you. I hope it's alright."
"Yeah, yeah it's fine." Eden warmly smiled at her and earned a small blush.
Going back to mumbling, Eden saw another person next to Larson.
"SOLARIS!?" Eden screamed, forgetting to lower his voice.
"Eden! Inside voice, please." His father scolded him. "Solaris was wandering out in the rain. We took him in. You know him?"
"Ye-yes Dad." Eden ran over to Solaris. "Solar! Buddy! How ya been?" 
Coughing, Solaris slouched up, revealing a huge cut under his thigh. "We need to talk with Larson and Minga. Make up an excuse."
"Hey Dad.." Eden hesitated.
"Yes son?"
"May I show Solaris around? He should know the place he's staying at. Please!?" Eden lied.
Sighing, his father turned to Eden's mother. "Martha.. We're about to eat.."
"We can wait, Taft. After all, Solaris is our guest."
"Thanks Mom!" Eden whispered to Larson and Minga, "Meet in the Room."
Running upstairs, Eden heard the doorbell ring.

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