Hashtag #Magic

5 High school friends, Monica, Katherine, Gabrielle, Jenna and Angela aren't like the usual popular girl gang you know in middle school. They don't try to be cute on funny-face pics, they don't dress like models and they don't act sassy and sexy. But most of all, when it comes to boys, they don't flirt or talk... they stalk. Join these 5 BFFs on their High school story: Hashtag Magic!


1. The New One

I wake up to the loud sound of my brother's fart, who sleeps on the top mattress of my bunk bed. I look at my alarm clock, which was the one responsible of waking me up and not my brother's flatulence. 6:48 am. Although I woke up 12 minutes earlier, I decided to get up for my first day at my new High school. I was tired, but I had mixed emotions of nervousness and excitement.

I got ready for my new High School.  After getting ready, I went out of my house with my mom and I jumped into the car. I couldn't think straight. An abundance of thoughts constantly came through my head. I was so occupied with my feelings that when I look out the window, we were already at my new High School. I look at the swarm of students walking by. Taller, tougher, stronger. The thought makes me dizzy. I get out of the car with my backpack and I wave good bye at my mom.

I walk to the entrance door along with all the other students. They look at me like I'm an alien.

As I enter the enormous building, I see school staff walking around, watching the students. I walk up to one of them. I ask her with a little girl's voice, "Miss, where is the Office?". Instead of answering my question, she asks me back "Child, are you the new student?". I was stiff. "Uuum, yes." I say with a blunt tone. "Yeah I heard of you. Let me lead you to your new class." she says with enthusiasm while doing a movement with her arm telling me to come with her. Without saying a word, i follow her up a big brown staircase and down a hall, which, according to what a sign says, is the hall "A". I keep following her. She keeps talking, but I am not listening. I am too nervous to. As we approach my new class, I cannot breathe, like I have asthma. All of a sudden, she coughs, which disturbs my thinking. "Welcome to your new class!" while opening the door. At the sight of students all staring at me, I freeze. I want to shit in my pants. I enter the classroom with quiet and steady steps, with my head down, looking at the ground. My cheeks are hot. I find a vacant desk and chair. I sit down, everyone looking at me. I bite my lips. "Simon, this your new student, Monica Ocampo. I previously read her enrollment documents submitted by her mom, and she just transferred here from her former high school because of a personal problem." the lady says. She leaves, leaving the classroom door open. I listen to the sound of her heels as she walks down the hall, the sound fading as she goes further, then disappears.

At that moment, the teacher starts talking "Hello, Monica! Nice to meet you. My name is Mister Simon Jones, and I will be your class advisor. Welcome to your new class!" As I look at him during his "welcome" speech for me, I don't say a word, even when he finished talking. I just kept nodding modestly accompanied by a shy smile. "So, students, let's return to our topic..." The teacher restarted teaching. I just look at him teaching, and not to anyone elso. Too shy to. However, I see from the corners of my eyes that everyone is looking at me. I get a shiver down my spine. Why the hell am I so scared of other teens like me?. For some reason, I gut up, and I look towards some students, my face heating up. Luckily, my eyes land on someone who doesn't seem so scary. She smiles at me while waving hello, so I smile back at her and wave hello at her as well. She looks Spanish. She had short black hair, dark skin and big eyes. We look at each other for a few seconds, smiling. I decide to cut the staring session and I look back down, letting my long black hair fall in front to cover my face. I squint my eyes and bite the inside of my cheek while breathing out slowly to lessen the tension building up in my chest and head.

Suddenly, the bell rings. I look at my watch. 10:05 am. End of the first class, which was math.

I don't get up right away, because I don't want to walk with all the other students. But it wasn't what I expected. Instead of squirming out the door to get out for recess, they all walk towards me, forming a cluster of students in front of my desk. I don't move an inch.

"Hey! my name is Skylar. Nice to meet you!" says this chunky, white, blonde haired boy with glasses. Another boy, black, tall and muscular introduced himself as well: "Wattup girl, I'm Kenrick." Then, a very energetic girl who was small, chubby and had brown hair with blond highlights tied up in a ponytail came up to me: "Hi there! My name is Alexandra, but you can call me Alex.". After those 3, I didn't listen anymore. All I see in front of me are smiling students, laughing, talking and smiling, all shoving and pushing each other for space. I just smiled and kept saying hi. I was suffocated by the smell of sweat, perfume, and axe. It was really hot in the class, but not humid, rather dry.

After all of the students left my desk and ran out the door for recess, I was alone. The teacher just disappeared, probably went to get some coffee. I got up from my chair, when all of a sudden, I see a shadow in front of me on the floor. I look up. "Hi!" said the girl. it was the same girl who waved at me a while ago. "Hello" i say back to her. She smiled at me, introducing herself: "My name is Angela Garcia. Your name is Monica right?". "Yes, I'm Filipina" I tell. I wonder why i told my race, so random. She starts talking again: "Oh! But you look Chinese..". People always tell me that. "Yeah, it's because of my eyes. But I do have some Chinese blood. You're spanish right?" I ask her. She tucks her hair in back of her ear while saying "Yup! It's really easy to tell. How old are you?". I answered back, more comfortable now "I'm 14." Yeah, I know, if I am in High school, I'm supposed to be at least 15. So before she questions me about it, I went straight to the explanation. "Yeah, I know, if I am in High school, I'm supposed to be at least 15" (I just repeated what was in my mind) "but it's because I skipped kindergarten. From daycare, I was accelerated to grade 1, so i am supposed to be in grade 8 of middle school right now." I look at her confused and surprised face. "Oooooohhh, okaaay, I get it, haha!" She says giggling a bit. Why the hell is she giggling? Whatevs. C'mon. Keep the conversation rolling. I hate awkward silences. "Uuum, how old are YOU?" I ask her, putting the impact on the "you". She look at me, saying "Oh, I'm 15, but i'm turning 16 in 2 months.". I raise my eyebrows and widen my eyes, "Oh so your birthday is in January?" I ask her. She responds with enthusiasm: "You got it! January 18, to be precise."

I felt a little bit ashamed of my age. I think that i am too young. I just turned 14 last month, on October 11. But at the same time, I felt smart and special (I don't mean "special" by crazy or fucked up in the head), because I skipped a grade.

I started talking again: "Can we get out of the class now?" I ask Angela. She looks at me with this different twinkle in her eyes, saying "Oh! Yes! Sure! Of course! I will take you on a tour around the school, and I will introduce you to everyone, but most importantly, to my 3 bffs!" I answer back, with a happy voice, trying to hide my fear and nervouseness: "Ok! That sounds fun!"

Oh no. Here we go.

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