The Story of Her Life (Britt's POV)

Brittany Nicole Mellinger values her journal like nothing else. Her journal knows everything no one but her knows. It's a dark and scary place, which is why no one should read it. I won't if I were you. It will cause you severe nightmares.

*Mature themes and strong language. This book will give you nightmares and feelings.*


1. Entry One

Dear Journal,

What's up? Nothing's new with me. Ya know, the usual. I hate myself. With that deep, burning passion.

Don't you wish I would love myself? I do! But I don't deserve it. I should be dead.

No one would care. Why would they? I'm just that over-weight, hideous, retarded insane, mentally unstable non-human that no one shall ever love. I'm just that single mistake made by God. Don't love me. It's impossible. And even if you do, you'll see the fake me.

The true me is a freak with severe anger issues and depression disorders. Ya know, I just cut, starve, burn and make myself throw up. I just am depressed and suicidal like hell.

I should stop. If anyone should find this, I'd be sent to mental hospitals where no one understands.

No one will ever understand.

~Brittany Nicole Mellinger

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