Secrets Told

When 15 year old Jenna Ashton has to go to a new school again, she knows something is different. and its not just because of the mysterious boy lurking outside her house at night. When friendships hang on the balance, can Jenna make the right decision or will she lose her gift forever.


6. Shadow?

I lay in bed, thinking about the light bulb. It came from out of no-where, but yet I still feel like I saw it coming. Maybe it was just a coincidence I think, but I don't really believe in coincidences.

The rain disturbers my thoughts as it gets louder, rattling against the window panes. The rain droplets hitting the ground sound like thuds against the Earth. I sit up and poke my head from behind the curtains to watch the rain falling. I lean my arm on the window sill and calmly watch as drowsiness overwhelms me. The street lights are off all except from two, either side. The light bouncing against my eyes enables me to see the trees and grass. A flicker in the corner of my eye startles me and I turn my head quickly to where it came from. A shadow behind the bushes catch my eyes as I watch it move, the shape of a human, crouched low. I see the outline of a face, half covered with the leaves of the large bush. I blink, thinking I'm seeing things and when I look again it's gone. That's strange, I think and this time something tells me I'm not crazy. I know what I saw, or at least that I saw something.

The lessons had flew by and I only had study period left. The shadow from last night still haunts my thoughts, but I have other stuff to worry about. I think I have made a new friend and I'm going over to Raven's house tonight to 'study'. In all the time that I've known Raven, which I'll admit isn't that long, she has completed her projects easily, with so little effort, she was naturally clever, yet she hid it because she was so shy. Even so, she was nice and I liked her. My stool was uneasy beneath me and kept tipping to the left every time I moved. I was fiddling with it, my hand screwing the foot on tighter, when a hand landed on my shoulder. I looked up, to see bright blue eyes staring down at me wonderfully. Mathew.  'Hi, Jenna' He said smiling down at me.

'Hi,' I replied and offered a shy smile.

'Are you staying here until you finish school?' He asks out of the blue.

'Yeah,' I say, a little unsure why he asked.

'Ok, well we'll have to hang out some time. Ok?' He says. He really was gorgeous.

'Ok,' I say and turn my head away as the teacher walks in and asks us to sit down.

'Bye,' he says and rushes to his seat before I can answer. I have an image of his black hair the colour of Ravens. Raven. I'll have to ask her what she thinks of him, without sounding too interested I think. There's still a whole lot I don't know, about everything....

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