Secrets Told

When 15 year old Jenna Ashton has to go to a new school again, she knows something is different. and its not just because of the mysterious boy lurking outside her house at night. When friendships hang on the balance, can Jenna make the right decision or will she lose her gift forever.


5. Accidents........... Almost

I watch as Britany and her gang enter the room and take a seat beside a girl I've never seen before. She has long black hair and mysterious dark eyes. Her posture straightens when she see's Britany. The other girls look confused and start talking, all at once, to Britany with concerned expressions on their faces. 'Don't worry girls,' she says 'Raven looked lonely so I thought we'd sit with her.'  The girls laugh and get up from their seats. 'Have fun with all of your friends Raven.' Britany says as she joins some boys on the table opposite. Raven blushes and turns away so that they can't see her face. Anger boils up inside of me and I have the urge to go over there and tell her what I think, but I keep my cool. I decide to go and sit with Raven since we're both alone and she seems nice enough. 'Hi,' I say as I take a seat next to her. 'I'm Jenna.'

'Raven' She says quietly, keeping her eyes focused on her book in front.

'Don't let Britany bother you, she only does it for attention. She only makes herself look foolish.' This time she looks up at me and smiles gently.

'You shouldn't sit with me you know, if Britany realises she'll make your life hell too.' She says with a sad look imprinted on her face.

'I really don't care about her. But do you not have any other friends?' I ask kindly. Trying not to make it sound like twenty questions.

'Other' She says 'I don't have one friend. It's always been like that. Ever since Britany decided she didn't like me.'

'Well,' I reply 'I'm your friend. Aren't I?' I smile and try to act friendly. She nods and starts copying from the board. Well, that's progress I think to myself. A loud burst of laughter comes suddenly from the centre of the room and I turn round to see Britany and some others laughing and pointing in our direction. 'They can be freaks together.' a guy says and kisses Britany, his eyes sill focused on me. Already I have a new found hatred for this guy and I've only seen him once. As I grind my teeth, anger overwhelming me, I squeeze my fist tight shut......

Bang, the light bulb hanging above Britany's head pops and sends sparks dancing on her boyfriends hair. The room now dark fills up with excited chatter. I know this seems crazy but I think I made that happen. I swallow a big gulp of air and wipe it from my mind.


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