Never Let Go

Jack Dawson's final thoughts before he perished. Titanic fanfiction.


1. Never let go

By god, if I didn't love Rose so much I would have taken that door myself. It could have taken me alone, and it could have taken her alone. It would have sunk if I climbed on with her. She had given up so much, if she died for me I would never forgive myself.

My feet start to cramp and my heart aches for the life I wouldn't get to continue with Rose. Her ruby, red hair was turning white with the cold. She held my hand with the grip of a drowning man. She said she'd never let go.

I remembered the first time I saw her and how she almost jumped from the boat. I knew she wouldn't have, but coaxing her back was the only reason I got to meet her. Her face was pale and she seemed totally shaken by something. Something, I later decided, was Cal. I told her the ocean would hit her like a thousand knives and I realised how accurately I had phrased it. My hands were clasped so tight to hers that for a minute I thought I'd make it.

Rose fell asleep.

Watching her breathe and feeling her pulse comforted me enough to fall into a sleep of my own. Despite my desire to spend a long and happy life with Rose, I was glad I would get to spend what was left of mine. I could have lived a million years and never see a face like hers. I could have died then and believe that she was the single most beautiful woman that had ever lived.

I closes my eyes and felt myself falling into unconsciousness. I heard a very faint voice calling me. The soft tones of an angel telling me to wake up. I didn't gasp for breath when the water seeped into my lungs. I didn't lust for life when mine flashed before my eyes. But I longed for Rose to remember our short story together. I hoped she would speak of me sometime in the future.

I think I heard her say "I'll never let go, Jack."

I knew she wouldn't.

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