Iressistably his :)

Ally and Harry just started dating, but what happens when Harry wants to get married and spent their lives together, but Is Ally ready for a big step into their lives like this?


16. chapter twelve

~Liam's Pov~

I was trying to calm down Harry, Who was freaking out now. Cursing up a storm. You could tell he was pissed and he wanted his Ally back. Who is probably packing Harry's suitcase already and bringing it to Anne's. I don't blame her if shes doing that right now. I wouldn't wanna sleep with that Asshole tonight. Cheating Eh? Nobody hurts my Soph's bff! Then my phone rang. It was Sophia

S-Sophia L-Liam

L- Hi babe, I heard what happened. He's a total Assbag! And why do hear an ambulance or something

S- you hear an ambulance because they are loading Ally Into one....


S- She fainted when she got the alert from E! News.

L- Damn, Shall I come help?

S- No, just meet me at the hospital.... Without H-Harry.

L- No Prob! Take care of her good So! Bye Babe!

I Said, then hung up. I wanna slap him so freakin hard right now. LIKE REALLY?! MAKE HER FAINT. bitch. I needed to meet them in the hospital

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