Iressistably his :)

Ally and Harry just started dating, but what happens when Harry wants to get married and spent their lives together, but Is Ally ready for a big step into their lives like this?


17. chapter thirteen

-Sophia's pov

The ambulance ride was terrible. I couldn't stand to see her knocked out. Doctors tried to wake her up. I Teared up a bit. It was sad. She's going through this because Harold doesn't know how to behave. ''Should I call her parents, They're in America.'' I asked one of the guys. He nodded. I took her phone out of her purse. ''Would they answer?'' I thought as i scrambled through her contacts. I clicked on her mom's cell first. Everyone usually answers their phone. At least in England. The phone was ringing. I finally got an answer.

M- Molly (Her mom) S-Sophia

S- Hi! Is this Alexandra's mother?

M- Yes, how can I Help you?

S- Hi, Im Sophia. Im her bff.. we're in the ambulance right now.. She kinda passed out when she saw Harry kissing another girl..


S- I have no idea Mrs. Walsh.

M- Oh lord! Um! Her Sister Kaity is coming to England, ill send her to the hospital. She was leaving in a few days anyway.

S- Wonderful! Thanks for answering. Do you have twitter?

M- Yes I do, I got one when she started dating Harry.

S- I'll keep you posted through there. Whats your user

M- @MrsMollyWalshOffical

S- Beautiful! Ill keep you posted! Bye Love!

And I hung up and put her phone back.

''Her sister and her sister's husband are flying out.'' I Said joyfully.

''Wonderful! Her heart beat is coming back. I think shes waking up.'' The doctors gasped and looks towards the monitor.

Then I got a text from Liam.

L- Is that her ambulance, Im right by Ambulance drop off, they're rushing someone out on a cot.

I Didn't reply because he already knew the answer.

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