Iressistably his :)

Ally and Harry just started dating, but what happens when Harry wants to get married and spent their lives together, but Is Ally ready for a big step into their lives like this?


6. chapter four

~Ally's POV~

"Today wasn't an ordinary day. Harry was planning something. I don't know what though! Wanting to shower with me? Making me breakfast? With a rose? He's rich as hell but why is doing it now? He's in a boy-band called One Direction. I've head their music on the radio, and Harry surprised me one day in the park when he started singing to me... But I wanna meet these boys! I have work today at the Cheshire World Dance Company with my friend Sophia. Her boyfriend Liam is very good friends with Harry, but nobody would tell me anything. Is he secretly cheating?! Highly doubt it but who knows? Could it be true?" I sat in my room thinking as I packed my bag for works . I put in my ballet shoes and my Tan jazz shoes for later. Then Harry barged in. "Oh great" I mumbled under my breath after thinking about the cheating rumors. "Need a ride baby doll? I'm gonna go hang with Liam and his friends and I'll gladly drop you off." Harry said as he approached me. "UHHHH...UMMMMMM......Nahhh I'll just ask Sophia, we're going to the same place anyway." I said trying to awkwardness. Harry nodded and kiss my cheek. I whipped my iPhone out of my back pocket and started my message to Sophia.

A-Ally S-Sophia

A- hi Sophia, I kinda need a ride to work, can you pick me up? If not I'll ask Harry to drive me :) xxx Al

I immediately got an answer. I guess was good.

S- shure thing! I was just gonna ask if you needed a ride? Be over in five or do u need more time? Xx Soph

When I for the message, I was relieved. I simply relied with an ok and headed downstairs

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