Iressistably his :)

Ally and Harry just started dating, but what happens when Harry wants to get married and spent their lives together, but Is Ally ready for a big step into their lives like this?


20. chapter fifteen

(Liam'S POV)

We all stood in the tiny hospital room awaiting the awake of Ally. I hope she would awake. Shes been in a freakin coma. She's been here for almost three weeks. If she doesn't wake up today or have her heart monitor which is now motionless, they would declare her dead. She CANT Die. I love her... Wait what:????! Not like that. I Still love Sophia... But Ally. Her laugh, Her smile, Her. Her mother should be here right now. Ally's sister basically took over her house. I love Sophia. But I love Ally. ''I'll be right back, I need to fix my makeup...'' Sophia said as she excused herself. I was all alone with Ally. Crap. Then, I heard a beeping noise.I looked up. Her heart rate was going up. ''HELPPPPPPPPPP!! SHES ALIVE!'' I screamed. All the doctors came in. She woke up minutes later. ''Liam?!'' She said. I smiled. ''Hey baby cakes.'' I gulped. If Sophia heard thatt...Crap. ''She seems alright! The good thing is all of her talents and memories and shit like that will stay the same,.. Just... she might have stronger talents." Spoke the doctor before me dismissed us all so he could check on Ally. Harry was standing next to me, such a dirtbag. He said he wouldn't break her heart. Now she fainted because of him. I decided to check twitter and see how the hashtag for Ally is doing.

Crazaydiretionerluv00- AWE Ally feel better bae! @XxAllyWoodsxX

@harrystyles- Ally bear, I'm so sorry right now. Will you love me again? @

I decided to send a tweet

@liampayne- hi guys! Ally is doing okay I think. She was awake last time we saw her which was 20 minutes ago. The doctors are checking her right now. She should be leaving today

Then I clicked send

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