Iressistably his :)

Ally and Harry just started dating, but what happens when Harry wants to get married and spent their lives together, but Is Ally ready for a big step into their lives like this?


25. chapter eighteen

Ally's pov

The girls took me to the bathroom. We waited for the handy-cap stall so the girls could help me. The girls were amazed that I accepted his proposal. Then a girl walked in. " umm hi! I'm Cara. Nails new girlfriend. Did he tell loads about me?" We all nodded even though we had no idea who this chick was. The handy cap bathroom was finally open. The girls helped me get dressed. I was still weak. I sprayed some peppermint perfume on myself. Then we left. Louis drove us home. Me and Harry went with Louis and Eleanor. Sophia and Liam drove to Louis' place with nobody in their car. Zayn and Perrie needed to pick up her wedding dress before they came to Louis' place. I wondered why we were going there. We listened to the radio the whole way to Doncaster. I needed coffee. I was tired as hell. I needed sleep but I didn't wanna sound rude so I just tried to keep my eyes open. When I couldn't bare it anymore, I texted Harry asking for coffee. "Lou, can we stop at Starbucks first? My babe is tired." Louis nodded and turned towards Starbucks. Eleanor walked me in and bought me a cotton candy latte. It was delicious. Soon, we drove to Doncaster. There was loads of cars in front of Joanna's house. Louis rang the doorbell. Joanna hugged me. "Babe! I'm happy your ok!" Joanna said. "Thanks mrs. Tomlinson." I said because I didn't wanna sound rude by saying Joanna. I went down to sit on the couch. When everyone jumped out from their hiding place. "SURPRISE!!!" They all screamed. I think I might have peed myself. I was surprised. A huge banner that read " feel Better Ally! And congrats on your proposal with Harry styles!" I smiled. "Thanks guys!"

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