Iressistably his :)

Ally and Harry just started dating, but what happens when Harry wants to get married and spent their lives together, but Is Ally ready for a big step into their lives like this?


28. chapter 20

Harry's pov


What the hell is wrong with Zayn. Confesses his love with my soon to be wife. Like your kidding me right. Now she's gone. Perrie is married. And I wanna leave. I just saw her leave with her sister. She's probably freaking out. I feel terrible. Then out of all people on earth, who shows up... Cher. Cher of course. ''Hey Harry, Still cant believe you chose Her over me. Bad choices Harold, Bad bad choices.'' I stared at Cher as her Bright red lips moved as she spoke. Wait what? ''Come on Harold, One more kiss? Then ill leave you alone forever.'' I shook my head first, But then nodded. ''Alright, lets do it.'' We sat there kissing. I felt like an idiot. I shouldn't be doing this, but its to protect Ally. But sure enough, her sister brought her back to the party. She saw me kissing Cher. Her sister walked up to me holding little Luke in her hands. ''HAROLD! YOU SAID YOU WOULDNT CHEAT! SO YOU CHEAT WITH CHER AGAIN! I KNEW I SHOULD HAVE TOLD MY SISTER NEVER EVER TO DATE YOU! KNOW WHAT YOU ARE... A PIECE OF CHEATING TRASH.'' She screamed in my face. Cher started laughing. ''He isn't a piece of trash, So stop lying, I bet he doesn't even love Alexandra, Shes probably just another piece in his game.'' I wanted to slap Cher so bad

. Ally was gone by the time Cher finished speaking. ''DAMN U CHER!'' I screamed and trotted to try to go find Ally. It was useless though. She could be on a plane to America right now. I loved her. I Cant believe Cher. I saw Cher leave too. She told the taxi driver to take her to the airport. If I'm lucky, she'll be going to America. Which was exactly where she was going. Score!

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