One Direction imagines

Instructions inside if you want an imagine :)


2. Sophia and Liam :)

Today you were walking to Liam's house. He offered to pick me up but you said no because you didn't want to bother him. It took you about four songs to get to his house. You knocked on the door and the door swung open. His face was beat red and veins were popping out of his neck. He look furious..."Hi, Liam", you said.

"Hi baby" Liam said.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing baby don't worry about it." He smiled

"But Liam I worry for you..."

"But you don't have to"

"But I want to, Liam I care for you."

Liam wrapped his arms around you and started to cry. You just rubbed his back and whispered that it was going to be ok. When he was done he looked up at you. You felt bad but he looked so freakin cute! His brown tear stained eyes looking at you with sadness.

"Can you tell me now? I can't stand seeing you like this..."

"My gran died..."

"Oh Liam....I'm so so so sorry!" You said hugging him tightly.

"I...i...l l l loove y y you."

"I love you too Liam."

That whole night you sat cuddling. Then you lived happily ever after.

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