Warrior Academy

Kenya is one of the many that are like the legendary Dimitri Belikov and Rose Hathaway. All she wants is to live her own life, having no one to tell her what to do, but one fateful night causes her to change her mind and go to the Warrior Academy. But Kenya has a secret; She's no ordinary "human" nor an ordinary dhamphir, she has power


4. Warrior or Not? (Kenya)

Belikov tries to fix Calisto's leg, but I stop him and begin singing one of the songs from Frozen. I finish singing and Calisto relaxes, but I can tell that the pain has returned. Calisto is fighting back tears before he blacks out. Blind fury takes over and I make my new target this Rose girl. I begin circling her, like a panther to an injured animal. I can hear Malachai challenging Belikov, all their taunting and cursing each other. With new found courage I shout shocking everbody, "Damn it this is enough!". 

I walk back over to Calisto and try something; bringing the feeling I felt in the arena, but Malachai stops me. He shakes his head and mouths, 'No.'. Why is he trying to stop me from helping his brother? I ask myself. Before Malachai can move I sense Belikov approaching from behind; a classic take down move. That same feeling from the arena immediately comes back and some how I throw a fireball at him...yes a FIREBALL! What the hell was that? I ask myself. 

"Don't touch her, Belikov. I'm warning you! She's mine!" Malachai growled. Thanks to Malachai's warning I notice Belikov behind me, so  I stomp my foot  on the ground and flames shoot towards him.  I hear him curse in Russian, I still think what is going on with me? That's when the psychics kick in, meaning I am inside Belikov's head. I shout, "STAND DOWN GUARDIANS BELIKOV AND HATHAWAY!". Both Rose and Belikov back away from us.

They begin talking amongst themselves. I catch on to things like, "Fire enchanted?", "Spirit as well?". I shake my head and hear more of those whatever they are, the things like Alec, running towards us. I shout to Malachai, "FLIP ME OVER YOUR SHOULDER!". He doesn't question me and flips me over his shoulder.  I kick of of the attackers in the face, knocking him back.

"Belikov, on your six!" I shout hoping he knows what I mean. Belikov turns around and snaps the guys neck.  Malachai shouts, "Hathaway, on your right!". She does this weird move that is to hard to explain, but it works. I hear Calisto scream again. Two of those things are dragging him over the county line. Rage takes over, heightening my senses.

I charge at one of them, picking up a tree branch as I do. I run at them, whacking both of Calisto's captors  with the branch. I shout to Malachai to get himself and Calisto out of here. I let the rage take over, fueling the fire inside me. I shout a battle cry and take my chances, five to one.

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