Warrior Academy

Kenya is one of the many that are like the legendary Dimitri Belikov and Rose Hathaway. All she wants is to live her own life, having no one to tell her what to do, but one fateful night causes her to change her mind and go to the Warrior Academy. But Kenya has a secret; She's no ordinary "human" nor an ordinary dhamphir, she has power


2. Trapped Like Rats (Malachai)

We we're running from the people we trusted, WHO BETRAYED US! Kenya, oh my sweet Kenya,  she wins a fight that saved her life and this is how my Father and his cronies repay her? My dear brother Calisto should've stayed with Father and his cronies, where he could be safe from those things. Damn it! I curse myself, I should've grabbed those emergency book bags! We stop once we reach the county limits.

Calisto says, "This is the edge of our territory, you freaking moron! We'll be killed by the other gang if we set foot over that line!". Kenya shouts, "Who the fuck cares! We're dead either way! I've risked my life for you guys, and now your father wants to kill me? What the hell is that all about!?! I would have ne-" I interrupt her by hugging her. She begins crying right there in my arms, and I can do nothing but try to comfort her.

"Shh, it's okay, Kenya, we're okay" I say stroking her hair. She looks up at me and says, "It will never be okay, Malachai. Never again.". Kenya and I stay like this for a while, then she steps away from me. I can see the fear in her eyes, so I turn around to find...holy shit...one of those monsters!!! I push Kenya and Calisto behind me, using myself as a shield.  I shout to him in Latin,"Concede nobis, Alec! Your fight is with my father!".  

The guy, Alec, glares at us. He tilts his head side to side. Alec says, "Malachai, when will you learn that if you cross the county line, you'll go missing.". I make a gulping sound, but I try to hide my fear. Alec laughs and says, "Malachai, I can smell the fear on you.". Calisto, Kenya and I make our way to the embankment, trying to escape.

There is no escape, we're trapped like rats now.



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