Warrior Academy

Kenya is one of the many that are like the legendary Dimitri Belikov and Rose Hathaway. All she wants is to live her own life, having no one to tell her what to do, but one fateful night causes her to change her mind and go to the Warrior Academy. But Kenya has a secret; She's no ordinary "human" nor an ordinary dhamphir, she has power


1. Survivor

I lay there on the cold ground, in a dark room, waiting my turn in the arena. Every so often I hear another person like me scream, either being tortured or immediately killed if they lost. I only know one thing; If you fight when they drag you to the arena and win you get a few hours, hell maybe even days break, but if you lose, you can say goodbye to your life.  I hear the metal door open and someone say, "Your next.". I obediently get up and walk out of the room.

I keep my mouth shut, not wanting to ask any questions, or get the hell beat out of me. The lead guy says, "Kenya, you're our prize fighter, you can ask questions if you wish to.". I stare straight ahead and say, "Even ones about your names, Sir.". The lead guy sighs and says, "Yes, Kenya, even ones about our names.". 

"May I know your name, Sir? I will only use it if needed.".  The lead guy turns around and faces me, then says, "I am Malachai. The three others are Eryx, Calisto and Xeno.". I give a small smile and say, "Thank you, Sir.". I hear Xeno aks Calisto, "What did you say that her background was? None of the others that are our fighters say 'Sir' to Malachai.". I let a smirk form on my face, silently laughing at how many guards it takes for them to escort me to the arena. I wouldn't blame them though, like Malacahi said, 'Prized fighter'. Calisto looks at me and whispers, "Your's and Malachai's secret is safe with me.". I glance at Calisto and silently curse him and his mind reading powers.

We reach the gate and Malachai turns and faces me one last time, until the end of the fight. I can see it in his goldish brown eyes, he doesn't want me to do this, but he knows I must, for it is my job; I'm a blood fighter.  Malachai goes and stands with Eryx, Calisto and Xeno and then says, "I wish you luck, but knowing you...". I still smile at him.

I head into the arena, not knowing who I'm facing and stand. I hear the other leader, Silo say, "Tonight, we have something different planned for Ms. Kenya. Tonight she faces not a human opponent but a demonic one. That's right spectators! We have a VAMPIRE!".  A young female about my age walks out the other side of the arena; she's about 5'6, has shoulder length red hair and...red eyes? The hell? Silo says, "This my friends is a real vampire. She is one of the best in her clan. Now let the fighting begin!".

I begin dodging and weaving, I need to keep away from her as long as I can. The Vampire hisses, "You will be a very good snack. I can already smell your blood.". I can feel my body getting hot, like someone has turned up the heat, but there's no heat in the arena. I look at the Vampire again and say with a cocky smile, "Bring it, bitch.". The Vampire lunges at me, only to have me side step and she face plants the wall.

She growls at me and I just keep saying "Bring it" over and over. I don't realize that the fights over until Silo says, "The winner is, Kenya. She gets three seconds off, before I give the order for her to be killed.". I instantly run for the gate and am ushered through by Malachai and Calisto. 

"What the hell is going on, Malachai!" Calisto screams. The three of us run out of the warehouse that the arena is built inside. We continue running never looking back on that hellascious place. Maybe for once we could be normal people. Hell, that's a lie, Malachai, Calisto and I will never be normal.

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