The Popular Kid

Savannah was just a normal girl. She wasn't popular. She was just Savannah. Like all the girls in her school, she had a crush on Harry Styles. On day in English, He gives her his number... Find out what happens in "The Popular Kid."




1. Me?

*A/N - So this is a new book! I got the idea while on the bus going home. Lol xD I hope you guys enjoy it!! Comment below what you think of it! :)








I sat in English, unnoticed. I wrote down some noted and waited.

I looked next to me.

There he sat.

Harry Styles.

The most popular kid in school.

Every girl in school wanted to be with him.

Including me...

But I knew he would never ever look my way.

Why would he? I wasn't popular like he was.

I was invisible.

As I looked at him, he turned his head and turned to stare back at me.


Quickly, I whipped my head down and began to write again.

I felt someone's hand touch my arm.

I turned around.

It was Harry! He had a slip of paper in his hand.

He motioned for me to take it, which I did.

I unfolded the piece of paper.

No way!

It was his number!

I looked over at Harry but he had already turned back to his work.

I smiled and turned back to my work.

                                                                  *2 Hours Later*


When I got home from school, I grabbed my phone and put Harry's number in.

Then I text him.

"Hi Harry, this is Savannah, you gave me your number in English today."

Then I waited.

20 minutes later, he replied.

"Hi Savannah, how are you doing?"

I quickly replied.

"I'm doing well! Just so surprised you gave me your number is all. :)"

"Well... To be honest? I have liked you for a while and finally got the courage to give you my number."



"But why me? Why don't you like Jessica or any of the other popular girls?"

"Well, I tried them... But all of them are just too superficial and fake. All they cared about was me buying them stuff. .-."

"Well OK then :)"

"Savannah, do you like me back?"

Oh crap... What do I say? "I wanna marry you and have your children" might freak him out... Hmm...

"Actually, yeah. Harry I do like you back."

":D really?"

":3 yeah"

"Savannah, would you do me the honor of going on a date with me tomorrow night?"

Holy crap!!! HE JUST ASKED ME OUT!


"I would love to Harry."

"OK, so I'll pick you up at 6, is that OK?"

"That's just fine."

"Awesome. Well I have to go! I will see you in school tomorrow!"

"OK, see you tomorrow! :)"



And then, I screamed.

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