Inside His Journal (Harry's POV)

Harry Styles has carried a journal around with him for quite some time. But he refuses to let anyone read it. Does anyone want to? What if it contained deep or dirty or scary or love exerts in it? What if Harry was a different person in his journal entries?

I don't know. But he does and so does his journal.

Maybe it's best we, as fans, don't know what Harry writes about....

*This FanFiction includes curse words and mature themes. It will also give you feelings. VERY EMOTIONAL STORY!!! Read at your own risk. *


1. Entry One

Dear Journal,

The boys and I are on tour right now. It's the Where We Are tour. I'm so proud of those boys. They have worked so hard with our albums, perfume, movie, tours, etc. But I could have done a hell of a lot better.

Ugh, sometimes I wish I loved myself. But I don't deserve to be loved. The fans, the boys, my own family even. They all love the fake me.

Only I know the real me. And you, my journal. Ugh. I sound like I five year old, when I talk like that.

But as you know journal, the real me... Has anger issues, can't love himself, self harms, I..... I can't even go on. Writing about myself disgusts me. I hate it. I hate myself.

This isn't a "I hate my voice" or "I hate my acne" kind of hate. I mean I hate myself with a deep, burning passion. And I love everyone!

Oh shit. Louis's coming. I gotta go. Bye.

~Harry S. Xx

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