Percy's Little Sister

Becca Jackson has known Percy, as he is her older brother...By like two years. Becca turns twelve when Percy is fourteen. She gets to go to Camp Half-blood, and let's just say, she makes some new friends. And some new enemies.


1. Prologue

Percy is being his normal, annoying self. Then, he tries to tickle me. Hehe, didn't go so well for him. I mean, he's not dead or anything he just...has some bruises. Okay, a lot of bruises. It's his own fault. 

My name is Becca Jackson, yes, I am Percy Jackson's little sister. Let me make this clear...PERCY IS TWO YEARS OLDER THEN ME! Don't forget that. My mom, is awesome and my dad is the sea god. Literally. My dad is Poseidon, God of the Sea.

Now your wondering why my brother has bruises yes? Eh, he just took a shower, so there's no proof that I did anything. Except my own word. Anyway, I get to go to Camp Half-Blood today!! Today is my birthday!! June 24. I just turned twelve, Percy is fourteen.

Percy is going to his freshman or him, I'm going to Camp early. The thing is, Percy has a weapon, and I don't, so Mom wants me protected as soon as possible. I went to Camp. It was AMAZING!! I met Annabeth (Finally), Tyson, and Grover. Well, a actually I already knew him. Then Clarisse had to come! She walked up to me and said, "Hey punk, who's your parent?" Heat boiled up my spine, but I remained calm. 

"Poseidon." I replied. She smirked. 

"Another Sea punk? Humph, I'm gonna show you not to mess me!" Then she ran toward me with outstanding speed. 

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