Saphire is a cheerleader. Her life is cheerleading. She meets a guy at her new school one day and falls for him. Until she finds out that he's a player. Cheerleaders are what every guy wants and most 'cheerleaders' on the squad just joined for the guys but Saphire needs to focus on cheerleading if she wants to become professional. She always tells herself no distractions but is she being true to that saying when the hottest guy in school wants her and only her?


1. New School

My name is Saphire. Saphire Harris. Yeah I know weird name right? My mom named me that because its 'unique'. Anyways the story isn't about my name. Today is my first day of school. Hold on lets back it up a bit. Alright I moved to Canada because my old school in the United States, something bad happened. My dad and mom died in a car crash and the only person that could take care of me was my aunt who lived in Canada. So, here I am. I'm 17 by the way and I have my own car. (I know you don't care.) So, I woke up on my first day of school to the sound of my annoying alarm going off. I grabbed my phone and checked my social medias. I then got up and went to the bathroom, I brushed my teeth and washed my face. I went back into my room and did my makeup and hair. I checked the weather and it was supposed to be warm so I got dressed. I put on shorts, a crop top, a cardigan, and sandals. My hair was in beach waves and I looked pretty decent for the first day of school. I then got into my black 2013 jeep patriot. I drove to Stratford High School and once I got there I jumped out of my car. I grabbed my bag from the back seat and locked my car. I walked into school and noticed a group of guys sitting on the rock in front of the school. They whistled when I walked passed and one of the guys jumped off the rock and ran after me. He asked me what my name was and I said none of your business. He said "oh you're stubborn. I like that." He pushed me into a wall and held me against it. I looked into his honeycomb eyes and smiled. He said "Why are you smiling?" I pushed him off me and said "What a girl can't smile?"  I went to my locker and opened it. I put my stuff in it and went to class. I listened to the teacher talk and when I heard cheerleading tryouts are after school, I jumped out of my seat. She passed around the sign up sheet and I signed my name in cursive. I can't wait till tryouts.

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