Saphire is a cheerleader. Her life is cheerleading. She meets a guy at her new school one day and falls for him. Until she finds out that he's a player. Cheerleaders are what every guy wants and most 'cheerleaders' on the squad just joined for the guys but Saphire needs to focus on cheerleading if she wants to become professional. She always tells herself no distractions but is she being true to that saying when the hottest guy in school wants her and only her?


2. Justin Bieber and Cheerleading Tryouts.

At the end of the day I went to the tryouts and saw every single girl there. Then I looked into the bleachers and saw a group of guys. I squinted and saw Justin. That jerk. He was in my last class and he tried to ask me out. Nope No thanks is all I said. I then walked off and I could tell he was looking at my butt. I rolled my eyes and walked to my locker. I walked into tryouts and here I am. I then got in line and got my number since there was so many girls. I was number 7. Then I went in line to tryout. I then realized I was next. I tightened my pony tail and fixed my uniform. I walked out and they told me what to do and I did it. I then walked out and I felt someone staring at me and I realized that everyone was staring at me in awe. I smiled and blushed. I went into the bathroom to wash my hands because they were burning from stunting. I then walked out and felt arms wrap around my waist. I turned and it was Justin. I pushed him off me and walked away. They then told everyone that tried out to sit down and they were saying the names of people who made it. They began calling names and they said my name. I stood up and grabbed my uniform. I walked to my locker and silently screamed in my head.

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