Heaven and hell

A girl named Isabella was murdered my a man and sent to a world of half angels. He guardian told her to find the demon with the miserere and execute it. So she does. The traveling was a lot easier than she thought. Gus was the murderer's demon and she is forced to fight. Does Isabella win?


2. chapter two.

It wasn't long to find my way out of the building. The place didn't have portals or a magical loud you fly down on. I was actually a front door.

My feet directed me forwards and it was like I had no control over them. They stopped in front of a Starbucks an I noticed why; the murderer was sitting there drinking a mocha. And girl in a tight dress that hugged her curves walked by and he got up to follow her.

I, without hesitation, ran after him. He stopped in an ally, looking around wondering where she went. When I hear a voice begin me. "Well hello. I'm Abargustus. Call me gus. Even though you'll be dead before you get to use it." Gus said and pulled out his sword. I looked down and saw I had one too. I pulled it out and prepared myself.

Gus swung his sword at me.

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