Heaven and hell

A girl named Isabella was murdered my a man and sent to a world of half angels. He guardian told her to find the demon with the miserere and execute it. So she does. The traveling was a lot easier than she thought. Gus was the murderer's demon and she is forced to fight. Does Isabella win?


3. chapter 3: final chapter

He got my arm a little and blood was already gushing out. I swim wildly at him, knocking his sword out of his grip. It touched the ground and turned into a burgundy ash. He growled and knocked mine out of my grip. But instead of the burgundy ash, it was a silver. He launched at me pinning me to the wall. I gasped for air and kicked him in his treasure. He loosed his grip on me enough for me to take sit her blow to his face.

The impact forced hi to step back a little but he never fell. I cursed myself for not going to the gym. Well I would have if I knew I would get murdered and end up helping him by killing his demon to become fully angel to see a handsome friendly guy whom I had met today and also want to see all my dead relatives.

I saw a dagger in the murderers pocket and I grabbed it. I'm done losing at everything. I'm not going to fail my half angel life. I'm going to win. I will. I can. And I will. Gus charged for me again and I jammed the dagger into the side of his head. I pulled it out and then put it in his heart.

Gus started closing his eyes; before he did, he dug his claws in my forearm, causing me to scream in pain. Then everything goes black.


I wake up seeing the guy whom I had met when I first died leaning over me. "D-did I win?" I ask as I sit up. I feel sharp pains an I cry out. He pushes me back down.

"Yes you did. I knew you would. You are now full angel Isabella Marie kenton." He smiled as he said that. I smiled too. "Daniel." Was all he said after that.

I look up at him a confused smile on my lips. "What?" I ask.

"My name. Daniel is my name. Daniel Dalton Moore. You best get some rest. Gus tore through a bone or too. You lost lots of blood. But don't worry your fine now that your in heaven. It'll heal quickly. Just rest." He game me a quick kiss on my lips and smiled. He rested his hands in mine and I drifted off to sleep. Dreaming about Daniel and my grandparents, I couldn't wait to meet them. To see their shocked faces. I then stopped dreaming and rested peacefully, without any thoughts. Without and regrets. I was finally home.

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