Bad Boy

"Stay away from him..... He only wants in your pants." I wish I listened.

Hi. I'm Rachel, and I just moved from the U.S. to the U.K. Yeah, I'm the new girl. It's hard being the new girl. I have brown eyes and brown hair. I'm pretty shy, but if you mess with me it won't be pretty. Haha. Well, I guess that all..... For now. ;)

*One Direction not famous*


3. Going Home To Akward

Rachel's POV

"BYE!!!!" I yelled to Perrie, El, and Sophia. "Bye!" They all yelled at once. I walked to my car and hopped in, starting it and turning on the radio, and Neon Lights by Demi Lavota came on. I started singing along and drove back to me and my mothers new house. Oh yeah, I also have a brother named Chad and a sister named Michelle. Chad is five and Michelle is two. Well, when I got home I parked the car in the driveway and got out. I went up to the door and opened it. "Mom, I'm home!" I yelled. I sat my book bag down. "Rachel! How was your first day of school? Did you make a lot of friends? Were there any cute boys?" My mom flung at me. "Hi, not that bad, yes, and kinda." I said. "Ooh, really? That's great!" She said, giving me a wink. "Well, what did you-" Knock knock knock!! I heard someone knocking on the door. "I'll get it, mom." I said. I walked over and swung the door open. "Hello- Harry?!" I said. "Hey. My mum wanted me to invite our new neighbors for dinner. What do you say?" he asked. "Uh... I'll ask my mom, hold on." I shut the door and ran into the kitchen. "Mom, our neighbors invited us over for dinner, do you think we could go?" I asked when I seen her sitting at the counter on her phone, praying she'll say no. "Ooh, sure, it'll be fun!!!" She said. "Ok..." I said with a fake smile. Damn it! She said yes. UGH! I walked back over to the door and opened it up. "Yeah, we'll go." I said. "Ok. Hey, I thought you were going to Eleanor's?" He asked. "Yeah, well I was, but she said her parents dragged her to go somewhere, so...." I said. "Oh, well, bye." He said, believing me. I could be an actor! He started walking away, and I shut the door, walking to the couch and grabbing the remote. I turned on the TV and changed the channel to my favorite show, Ridiculousness. [Quick Authors note: For any of you who haven't watched Ridiculousness, it's REALLY funny. If you know who Rob Dyrdek is (a skateboarder) it has him in it. You should totally watch it. ;}] I watched it for about five minutes, when Chad came through the door. He rides the bus, so it takes him longer to get home. Oh yeah, he's in kindergarden. My sister Michelle I told you about? She's upstairs sleeping in her room. "Hi Bub! How was you first day of school?" I asked him. Bub is our nickname for him. "Good, I made four friends!" He said, holding up three fingers. I laughed and he came up and hugged me. "Go see mommy." I said. I grabbed my phone and got on Twitter, and seen four friend requests. They were from Perrie, who I clicked yes to, along with Sophia and El. There was one more from..... Liam Payne? Who's that? Oh yeah, he's in my social studies class. I also clicked yes to him, I can make friends, right? I got off Twitter and thought about tonight. Ugh, I didn't want a date, and what do I get?

A date.

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