Random Thoughts

Another collection of poetry.


12. The Tale of Maya-Rose

Maya, Maya

Please come down

Mother wants to know

Why you wear that frown.


Maya, Maya

Please come here

Father wants to ask

What it is you fear.


Maya, Maya

Please come back

Sister Jane will tell you

You haven't got the sack.


Maya, Maya

Please come out

Brother Joe is round

Fishing for trout.


Maya, Maya

Please speak to me

For I am your true sister

Longing for you to be set free.


Maya, Maya

This can't go on forever

Your shame can be burdened

All links we can sever.


Maya, Maya

Whatever you think

It's time to emerge now

For you to float and not sink.


Maya, Maya

The past has gone

It's time to move on into the future

And not be outshone.


Maya, Maya

It could be worse

At least you're alive and

At least you're not under a curse.


Maya, Maya

Please come to me

I promise to protect you and keep

You in perfect safety.


The door seems to open

And a dark head peers out

As a voice is heard to shriek

And loudly to me it does shout:


Rose, Rose

Where have you been

I've travelled far and wide

On journey in my dream.


Rose, Rose

It is you, not I

Who has been fooled

 And tricked into believing a lie.


Rose, Rose

My precious other half

You've always been near to me

Hidden by a figurative scarf.


Rose, Rose

Be prepared to die

For meddling with Maya; for meddling with me

And uttering that single cry.


Maya-Rose, Maya-Rose

Never seen or heard again

Who or what she really was

To be sought for in vain.

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