Random Thoughts

Another collection of poetry.


22. Dance While You Can

Running riot and running free,
That's where I'll be
When you next come to search for me
In the torment and turmoil of my home.

Soaring skyward and soaring low,
That's how I'll go
When to me you try to show
All you know that my future holds.

Dancing dangerously and dancing wild,
That's were you'll find your child
Standing in the limelight so mild
Until the chance to live the dream does end.

In your life you will encounter
Many things which prompt you to question
Why you're here and what is your purpose
And even to make a suggestion;

An answer is not expected
Despite the courtesy it shows
For a viewpoint is all we wish for
And whatever does come soon goes.

You may be waiting for the love of your life
Or wanting to build a career
Whilst others aim to reach the skies
And at another destination they peer.

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