Kylie Sullivan is a famous singer and has been through a lot. She finally found her longtime best friend Louis Tomlinson. What happens when they all start crushing on her? Will it make her or break her?


4. uh oh.

Niall's p.o.v

I felt someone tangled up on my arms and I saw I saw Kylie. I remember last night like it was yesterday. Oh wait it was yesterday, never mind.

I saw Louis, Harry, Zayn and Liam. All there faces were red.

"What's Wrong?"

Louis pointed to Kylie

I waved them to follow me out the room. I got out of the room and they followed. We walked. Downstairs.

"Niall you can't sleep in the same bed as her she just met you!" Harry screamed. Harry has crazy anger issues.

"Eh lads calm your arses!" I screamed.

"She used to have a boyfriend that cheated on her and when she tried to break up with him he was drunk and stabbed her. He's in jail right now. But I know with you getting drunk a lot. You could do something like that!"

Liam's mouth dropped as did mine. Does he really think I would stab her!

I guess all of the depression is finally kicking in.

As I was walking up the stairs and I saw Kylie. She had her hair down and her in my shirt in sweat pants is kind if a turn on.

Kylie's p.o.v

I saw Niall walking up the stairs and he looked sad. He had a blank expression on his face and puffy eyes.

"What's wrong!"

"Oh nothing."

"Niall I know. I heard everything."

He stayed silent. I got up and said "I know you would never stab me."

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