Kylie Sullivan is a famous singer and has been through a lot. She finally found her longtime best friend Louis Tomlinson. What happens when they all start crushing on her? Will it make her or break her?


3. Oh gosh.

Kylie's p.o.v

Lou asked if I wanted to stay the night. I obviously said why not.

"What room do I sleep in Lou?"

"My room with me unless you want to sleep with another lad." He yawned

I really wanted to sleep with Niall. But I barely knew him so I didn't know what would happen. Lou went through enough stress to sleep with me in the same bed. He needed to go to sleep.

I went to Niall room and knocked nervously.

Niall's p.o.v

I heard a knock at the door and I went to open it.I saw Kylie.

"Hi" she waved and I let her in.

She sighed "Okay Lou asked me to spend the night but I don't want to sleep with him because he's going through enough stress so I don't know where to sleep."

"You can sleep on here. I'll sleep on the couch."

She widened her eyes "if anyone sleeps on the couch I am." She stated

I picked her up bridal style and put her in the bed.

She whispered " Just sleep up here with me I won't do anything." She smiled really big and I realized she was still in her regular clothes.

"Okay. Here are some clothes you can wear." I said getting into bed. I peeked out of the covers and saw her getting changed. I shut my eyes before I saw anything else.

Finally after her brushing her teeth washing her face and changing she came to bed.

"Thank you." "For what?" "Letting me stay in here, and by the way I love your accent." " oh and by the way I love Americans." I whispered

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