Kylie Sullivan is a famous singer and has been through a lot. She finally found her longtime best friend Louis Tomlinson. What happens when they all start crushing on her? Will it make her or break her?


1. I wish.

Louis P.O.V

It's been a while now. Sense I've been thinking about her. I wish she knew how much I missed her. I wish I could contact her, but management changed my number and deleted most of the numbers there.

"Lou come down for dinner! Hurry before Niall eats it all!" Harry screamed.

I didn't respond. My eyes were slightly puffy from crying slightly. Eleanor and I broke up. She was cheating on me with the seven eleven clerk. I know right wtf.

I washed my face quickly before I walked down stairs.

They were staring at me like I killed 2 family's.

"Yes?" I asked.

They said nothing and kept staring. I noticed there was no food left.

"You guys are creeps." I said and grabbed my car keys and walked out the door.

I just needed to get out and just get fresh air. I walked to the beach. But of course the paparazzi. I just pushed through them and I herd them asking questions like "What happened to Eleanor?" I just kept walking hoping they would leave me alone.

My phone started to ring and it was Liam. I pressed ignore but I didn't realize I said "ignore" out loud and the paps started asking "Who was that you ignored."

I just wanted to die right now.

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