Kylie Sullivan is a famous singer and has been through a lot. She finally found her longtime best friend Louis Tomlinson. What happens when they all start crushing on her? Will it make her or break her?


5. getting ready for fun

Niall's point of view

Today was a boiling hot day and sense it's summer the beach would be a perfect setting to cool off.

"Aye lads wanna hit the beach?" I asked

"Sure!" They all said in union.


I went upstairs to go ask Kylie. She was asleep and she looked so precious.

"Take a picture it lasts longer!" She mumbled

I just laughed and told her we are going to the beach and we needed to stop by her house to get her bathing suit.

"Okay, I'll get ready." Kylie said

Kylie's point of view

It took me about 10 minutes to wash my face brush my teeth and get dressed.

I walked downstairs and saw the boys in there bathing suits.

"Louis I'll go home and get ready!" I smiled

"Okay! I'll pick you up!" Louis screamed

I held my ear because of the loudness of the scream but that's louis!

I drove to my flat and got changed into a white lacy top with blue bottoms.

I put on a cover up strapless dress from Hollister put up my hair into a messy bun and waited for the boys.

The boys came and Harry went up to the door and knocked. I opened

Harry's point of view

Her flat was huge and beautiful! It was modern and 2 story's high. She wasn't any normal girl.

"My dad's a singer, he won like 4 mtv awards and he's pretty young he's 38" she smirked.

She is beautiful with her two dimples.

We started walking and started talking about why binders have folders. Why do they they should be called bolders! Then we both cracked up while we were walking out of the building.

As we entered Lou's orange hippie van they were bursting nirvana. I saw kylie cover her ears in pain. I think they had it on 50 for the volume

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