Old friends (one direction love story)

Harry is a demon,Niall is a angel they are both princes Rebecca is half angel half dark angel who will she choose?
Or will Liam who is a dark angel sweep her off her feet?


9. Chapter six:Our room

Hey guys sorry for the long wait but here is the new chapter enjoy!!!

My Pov:

He opened the door slowly and pulled me inside of it both of us landing on his bed. He landed on top of me staring into his warm chocolate brown eyes I found my self slowly leaning in. But so was he and I saw his cheeks were pink.

He softly placed his lips on mine sparks flew and everything his tongue begged for entrance. I opened my lips slightly and his warm tongue darted into my mouth. Swirling around my mouth moaning a bit I felt something hard poke my inner thigh.

I opened my eyes as he pulled back his eyes were pink weird" Liam your eyes are pink" I said his eyes widened" Your my mate love" he said as a smile found its way to his face. "But Niall is your mate too so I guess you will have to choose one of us" Liam explained to me.


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