Old friends (one direction love story)

Harry is a demon,Niall is a angel they are both princes Rebecca is half angel half dark angel who will she choose?
Or will Liam who is a dark angel sweep her off her feet?


10. chapter seven:Harry's Pov

Hey guys sorry for the long wait but here is the very new chapter enjoy!!!

Harry's Pov:

I watched in the darkness as Liam grind on my lifetime crush Rebecca. It made me furious but I could not help my self as I grew a massive boner. I still have hormones I watched the way Liam made her feel.

I guessed that they were mates just like Niall and her too. I felt myself palming myself I could not help it. I stuck my hand in my boxers and wrapped my hand around my long thick length.

Pumping myself slowly Liam removed her shirt causing.me to pump my self faster why am I watching this I asked myself as they looked at each other with love in their eyes.

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