Old friends (one direction love story)

Harry is a demon,Niall is a angel they are both princes Rebecca is half angel half dark angel who will she choose?
Or will Liam who is a dark angel sweep her off her feet?


2. chapter one:flashback

Hey guys here is my new story enjoy!!!

My Pov:Flashback seven years ago---Age 13

"Leave Niall alone Harry!" I screamed at him as he put Niall Niall down who had a bloody nose." Mm hey babe why do you hang out with Niall he is a nerd?" Harry purred as he let go of Niall and pinned me to the locker.

"One, I've known him since I was a baby,two he is nice,funny,cute,a bit shy,and I l-like him" I explained to him. His eyes turned black for a moment then changed back to normal.

"Well I will stop bulling him if you go on a date with me when we both turn 20 ok?" He explained I nodded. He smiled so that his dimples showed he kissed my cheek and ran off.

I ran up to Niall who had red cheeks "I want you to meet my parents love" Niall said dragging me all the way to a huge castle mostly everything was white.

He opened one of the huge doors and we both ran inside people bowed as we passed them but Niall ignored it."mum dad I brought a girl home" Niall said with rosy cheeks. Two people came out both in white silk clothing.

"Well she is a keeper son" his father said to him "hello dear in Niall's mum nice to meet you" ms.horan said hugging me. I hugged her back and smiled " I've known her since we were babies" Niall explained to me.

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