Old friends (one direction love story)

Harry is a demon,Niall is a angel they are both princes Rebecca is half angel half dark angel who will she choose?
Or will Liam who is a dark angel sweep her off her feet?


6. chapter five:Dark angel

Hey guys sorry for the wait but here is the new chapter enjoy!!

My Pov:

Liam's eyes turned pitch black for a second but went back to their normal eye color in a flash he let me go and Niall's. Arms were around my waist in a flash.

Liam watched Niall with anger burning in his eyes I don't know why though I thought as my neck was peppered with small kisses from Niall. I saw black wings grow from Liam's back.

Niall let out a gasp as Liam smirked at him in a flash I was softly ripped from Niall's grip and Liam had me bridal style. "Your a dark angel?" Niall said shocked." Yup I am surprised you did not notice Niall " Liam said.

I wrapped my arms around Liam as he flew away from the little island. And towards a huge black castle he flew into it and up the grand staircase. He stopped softly landing in front of a purple door, he put me down intertwining our fingers together.

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